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For anyone pursuing tertiary education the financial challenges can be a major deterrent in the pursuit of academic excellence. While you may have made plans to pay tuition cost, there are other financial demands including cost for boarding, miscellaneous fees, and funds needed to complete projects, print course assignments, and pay for transportation. In seeking to alleviate this burden which often times affects performance, one needs to be aware of the resources available to him/her and how to access same.

Financial aid is available for prospective as well as current students. To assist you, we have compiled a list of the agencies to which you may apply in order to fund your way through college.  This list is by no means exhaustive as other funding is provided through private organisations and individuals.  For further information please speak with the Guidance Counsellor at Vaughn Hall, Celestial Drive RM 37, The Student’s Development Officer: Vaughn Hall RM or enquire at the Students’ Services Unit, also at Vaughn Hall. 


1. Government of Jamaica, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Programme of Advancement through Health and Education (PATH)      Tertiary Bursary for (2nd to 4th year students) Eligibility: There must be a genuine NEED and maintain a 3.0 GPA (Must have been        on PATH in Secondary School) Application Forms are usually sent to the college and accessed from the Guidance Counsellor’s         

    Office. Value: ($100,000.00)


2. Carreras Scholarship: Offered to students in years 1-4. You must maintain a GPA of 3.0 (Application Forms are usually sent to the            College and accessed from the Guidance Counsellor’s Office). Value: ($100,000.00)


3. The NCB Foundation Scholarship: Applicable to all year groups. Application forms are available on the NCB Foundation Website



Application period April 09, 2018 – June 08, 2018


4. The Douglas Samuels Memorial Scholarship offered through The Mona Baptist Church: 4-6 University Meadows, Kingston 6,         

    Jamaica. (Application Forms are usually sent to the College and accessed from the Guidance Counsellor’s Office)


5. Ministry of Education, Jamaica Values and Attitude Project for Tertiary Students (JAMVAT): A work and study programme where     

    JAMVAT pays thirty percent (30%) of your tuition after you have sufficiently completed 200 hours of Community Service. Eligibility:        Must be enrolled in a Tertiary Institution, and have a GPA of 2.5 and above. (Address: 14 Gibraltor Camp Way, UWI, Mona     

    Campus, Kingston 7)


6. The Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), Poverty Reduction Programme (PRP) Tertiary Scholarships: Applications are available at        the JSIF Office/website: jsif.org and selected SDC Offices for (St. James, Clarendon, St. Catherine, Kingston and St. Andrew) Value:      Ninety Percent of fee (90%) up to ($350,000.00)


7. The Culture Health Arts Sports and Education Fund (CHASE FUND) 52-60 Grenada Crescent Kingston 5, Jamaica, W.I. (for Early        Childhood Practitioners)

8. Church Teachers’ College: Mandeville


Alumni Association Inc.

Mandeville, Jamaica


  • Alumni Physical Education Award

  • Kerr Jarrett Gift of Hope Award  

  • Kenneth Thaxter Leadership Award



Church Teachers’ College is an outstanding institution which is firmly committed to providing you with superb academic experiences. Our objective to mold students into well-rounded professionals is achieved in an atmosphere that encourages intellectual curiosity and character building. We are passionate about assisting you to attain your career goals; hence, we provide the essential resources, establish support systems and prepare you to function in a dynamic global environment. So, come and join the Church Teachers' College family where we "nurture through love and wisdom."




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