Mrs. Ruthan Smikle


I congratulate Church Teachers College for its vision in 1974 for establishing a model Early Childhood institution. Since then the school has grown and has become one of the most outstanding Early Childhood institutions in the region.The collaborative effort of the mother institution cemented our determination and commitment to build an educated nation and to change lives one student at a time.

I therefore believe that together we can solidify our effort and act as agents of change. Church Teachers’ College Early Childhood Demonstration School is the catalyst to which parents and other stakeholders can look and reflect and hope for a brighter future for our children. The principal and skilled staff 

endeavor to lead the way forward through the new products and services we offer to our students, while engaging them in meaningful learning experiences. Before we exchange the baton, we pledge to apply the collegial aptitude to our daily lives and task through to the next academic year. Thank you.

Mission Statement

Church Teachers’ College Early Childhood Demonstration School seeks to ensure that children 3-6 year olds are prepared and empowered by teachers, using best practices of the Readiness Programme that are developmentally appropriate with emphasis on their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well being.

Vision Statement

Our aim is to ensure that each child achieves his/her full potential to grasp educational concepts and procedures; to develop his/her knowledge, skills, and attitude in order to become a self assured and responsible citizen for the future.


History of Church Teachers’ College Early Childhood Demonstration School

Early Childhood Education was launched in Manchester in August 1970.

Mrs. Edna Coulton, who was then a Teacher Trainer, and Deaconess Bolle met and discussed the implementation of an early childhood programme which they thought was an interesting and valuable addition to the Education system in Jamaica.  The thought was considered and in 1970, Church Teachers’ College Basic School began in a section of the Spathodia Hall with five students on roll assigned to one teacher Miss Lounds, student at the College.  Deaconess Bolle, Mrs. Monica Brown, Mrs. L. Edmondson and Mrs. Adlyn White were sponsors for the school.

The population increased rapidly so the need for extension was considered.  With the effort of Mrs. Edna Coulton, Bishop Murray the principal of the college, and community members an independent building was erected to accommodate the students.  Miss Rose Marie Peart was the first Head Mistress for the Basic school in 1973 when the tuition fee was fifty dollars ($50) per term.  Mrs. Edmondson, a part time lecturer at the college, became the second Head Mistress. She was assisted by  Miss Dawn Senior, an intern teacher.  At the time they established a Nursery and Kindergartens one and two.

In Easter of 1975, fifty two students and the new Head Mistress, Mrs. Edmondson, were relocated to the new building, consisting of four classrooms, a canteen, staff room and sanitary facilities.  Church Teachers’ College Basic School was upgraded and renamed Church Teachers’ College Early Childhood Demonstration School under the Ministry’s Early Childhood Programme in September 1975.  The teachers of the institution were intern students from the college who specialized in Early Childhood Education.  The institution was officially launched as a Demonstration School for the parish of Manchester in 1976.

Mrs. Nojah Harrison, a graduate of the college, succeeded Miss M.O. Dennis as principal of the school in 1983. She retired in 2002.  Mrs. Veronica Peart-Johnson then became the principal in January 2003 and later resigned in August 2005. Mrs. Ruthan Smikle, a teacher at the institution, was assigned Acting Principal in the same year.  Mrs. Smikle was appointed principal of the noble institution in January 2006 and at present she supervises ten teachers and three ancillary workers with a student population of two hundred and thirty four (234).

Over the years, the school has had numerous achievements such as Fire Brigade competitions, JCDC competitions in chorale speaking, dialect, dance, Spanish and lately swimming, just to name of a few.

The school is committed to maintaining the mission statement which states that we will ensure that children zero to six years are prepared and empowered by teachers; using best practices of the readiness programme that are developmentally appropriate with emphasis on their physical, emotional, social and spiritual well being.

Additionally, the vision statement endorses that our aim is to ensure that children achieve their full potential to grasp educational concepts and procedures; to develop their knowledge, skills and attitude in order to become self assured and responsible citizens for the future.


Our Motto states “The first step to success begins here.”



Church Teachers’ College is an outstanding institution which is firmly committed to providing you with superb academic experiences. Our objective to mold students into well-rounded professionals is achieved in an atmosphere that encourages intellectual curiosity and character building. We are passionate about assisting you to attain your career goals; hence, we provide the essential resources, establish support systems and prepare you to function in a dynamic global environment. So, come and join the Church Teachers' College family where we "nurture through love and wisdom."




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