Accessing Your iSIMS Account

For information on accessing your CTC Email, click here

For more information about ICT at CTC, access the full presentation by clicking here

iSIMS is best used on a computer or in landscape mode
A lot of elements of iSIMS are hidden in your phone’s portrait view


The First Step - Activation

Students must ACTIVATE their account before they can log into iSIMS for the first time. Students can only activate their accounts after their applications are at a later stage of processing, usually after interviews and testing.

NB. This is login process is different from any login that may have been set up during the online application process

To access iSIMS, while on the college website, click iSIMS at the top of the page

From the iSIMS page click the "Activate Account" link in the menu on the left side

On the next page:


The information you enter must match what is on the iSIMS system, if you are uncertain about your Programme type or feel we may have an incorrect spelling or number etc. please contact the Student Services Department to verify your information.

REMEMBER: When you are activating your account, either use a computer or ensure that your smart phone is in landscape orientation

Setting your Password

Fill the information as indicated including your personal email address. The requirements for the password are listed in the upper section of this page

You must accept the Student Statement of Understanding before you can complete your account activation and log into iSIMS for the first time

Logging In

Once your iSIMS account is activated, there will be 2 methods available to log into the system

There will be two tabs in the login area, a Microsoft Option and the iSIMS option

The iSIMS option will be the first option available after activation. You will log in using your ID number and the password you set when you Activate your account

The Microsoft option uses your CTC Email account. You will be asked to sign into your CTC Email account then you will be brought to your iSIMS portal

For information on accessing your CTC Email, click here

For more information about ICT at CTC, access the full presentation by clicking here



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