Making Virtual Learning Stick: Strategies for Elementary/Primary School Teachers

10:00a.m. to 10:45a.m.

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Mrs. Massia Bailey

Independent - USA

Mrs. Massia Bailey is a certified K-12 Special Educator with additional qualifications in K-6 Elementary Education. She currently specializes in educating students on the autism spectrum in a self-contained highly structured environment with small pupil to adult ratio. She holds a Post-graduate Diploma in Education and Training, Masters degree in Exceptional Student Education and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Applied Learning Sciences at the University of Miami. 

moderated by

Dr. Tracey Ann McGhie Sinclair


How do we help students to traverse the new frontiers of virtual learning? How can we help them to stay engaged and reap learning success? This session is a practical guide on engaging students learning online and a demonstration of some of the useful resources available to make content “stick” in fun yet meaningful ways.