Blended Learning & Exceptional Students

12:15p.m. to 1:00p.m.

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Ms. Allison Gillentine

Independent - USA

Ms. Allison Gillentine received her Bachelors and Masters from the University of Texas at Tyler in Tyler, TX. She has been in public education for 16 years. Her experiences include teaching in grade eight science, high school biology, honors physics, chemistry, IPC Inclusion, state assessment prep, and Math/Science teams competitions. Mrs. Gillentine has a published lesson in a collegiate textTeaching Students with Special Needs in the Inclusive Classrooms by Bryant, Bryant, and Smith pg. 206. Her eight years of experience as a classroom teacher, experience as a district special programs coordinator, district level specialist, district science coordinator, and 5A Campus Academic Dean have provided her with the opportunity to become an educator that supports learner centered curricula, best instructional practices for all populations, and promotes success for all staff and students.

moderated by

Mr. Tillack Hardeen


All students can learn, but the way they learn is unique and colored by their past experiences and present challenges. Participants in the Blended Learning & Exceptional Students workshop will explore varied digital modalities for creating virtual experiences using science for elementary students with exceptional needs in grade five. Free digital interfaces will be showcased while using GSuite as the platform to explore food chains, food webs, producers, consumers, and decomposers. Participants will see a grade five Science lesson through the eyes of a student. A general lesson plan guide will be shared for future planning. Differentiated virtual strategies will be included via short video instruction, digital manipulatives, checks for understanding, and short assessments. Exceptional students need varied supports in multiple ways. The Blended Learning & Exceptional Students workshop will explore innovative ways to support students from a distance.