Unmute: Inclusive Talk for Diverse Learners in the Virtual Language Arts Classroom

1:15p.m. to 2:00p.m.

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Mrs. Ardene Reid Virtue

Church Teachers’ College: Mandeville

Mrs. Ardene Reid Virtue is a teacher educator who has sixteen years of instructional experiences, inclusive of years spent teaching at the secondary and tertiary levels of education. She is presently a senior lecturer in the Department of Languages and Literatures at Church Teachers’ College: Mandeville. Mrs. Reid-Virtue is motivated to excel in her professional and academic pursuits, and remains committed to contributing unrelenting efforts to the success of education. Therefore, she is involved in research and publication that enable her participation in discourses and interventions aimed at constructively solving teaching and learning related challenges. In addition, she is a creative and effective public speaker, and workshop facilitator who is passionate about sharing best practices, and personally constructed pedagogical philosophies for the purpose of improving methodologies employed for the teaching and learning of English.

moderated by

Dr. Ann-Marie Wilmot


Involving students in online classroom dialogue is germane to clarifying and building students’ comprehension of concepts as well giving teachers valuable opportunities to formally assess students’ learning. Indeed, it is essential for teachers to invest careful thought in how students may be systematically included in discourses to ensure all students are meaningfully engaged. Along with lesson aims and procedures, considerations should include a focus on how students’ varied academic abilities and learning preferences influence a customised crafting, and effectual management of classroom talk. Therefore, the workshop will engage participants in an examination of how technological tools/resources may be employed to facilitate students’ involvement in differentiated classroom talk. Different types of conversations include Synchronous and Asynchronous, Individual and Collaborative, Graphic and Reflective Talks that are aimed at encouraging students to explain, question, and evaluate information and perspectives.