Adapting Reading Instruction to the Virtual Classroom

1:15p.m. to 2:00p.m.

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Dr. Margaret Chin

Jamaica Teachers’ Association

Dr. Margaret Chin is the Assistant Secretary General in charge of Professional Services at the Jamaica Teachers’ Association. Dr. Chin holds a Doctorate in Education from the University of Sheffield in England, an honours degree in School Counselling from Western Carolina University (USA) and a Masters degree with distinction in Special Education from Nova Southeastern University, also in the USA. She received her teaching certification from the then Mico Teachers’ College. She has also received several awards for her work in the field of education and research.

Dr. Chin has nearly two decades of experience as a classroom teacher and a Guidance Counsellor. She has worked at the early childhood, primary, high school and tertiary levels. Dr. Chin has been conducting in-service training workshops for teachers for many years both locally, and in the Caribbean. She has worked as Education Consultant on several projects with international agencies such as USAID, Centre of Excellence for Teaching Training (CETT), and the European Union (EU).

moderated by

Mrs. Sherika Powell Easy


The Covid-19 pandemic has caused educators to adapt many of the strategies they would use in the traditional classroom to promote reading skills. Virtual learning often requires students to work more independently than they are accustomed to, so as their teachers, we need to adjust the ways we help them read instructional texts. We therefore have to provide them with the necessary tools to understand those texts in new ways.

In this presentation, participants will be exposed to reading strategies that they can adapt to teach students during synchronous and asynchronous learning. These strategies will help students to better understand the texts and content they need for their coursework, assignments and indeed throughout their lives.