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The Ministry of Education in collaboration with Church Teachers’ College: Mandeville on February 19, 2019 opened the Educational Assessment and Intervention Centre to cater to children with Special Needs.

The Centre currently offers assessment for children between 4-16 years of age to identify special educational needs that Parents, Children and Teachers might have recognised but require proof to be better able to deal with these issues at the earliest stages so that the corrective measures can be instituted to assist the child/ren to function in the normal school system and the wider society.

Dr. Sandra Hamilton

Centre Manager

Members of staff:

The Educational Assessment and Intervention Centre will overtime help to develop programmes to assist/overcome some of these challenges.

Church Teachers’ College: Mandeville now offers as part of its curriculum a Bachelor of Science Degree in Special Education and prospective students who have special interest in this area can apply.


The Centre is the first of its kind in Central Jamaica, the staff compliment is seven (7) members and include:

  • A Centre Manager

  • A Clinical Psychologist

  • An Educational Psychologist

  • A Diagnostician

  • A Social Worker

  • A Nurse

  • An Administrative Assistant

  • A Custodian

The Centre’s opening hours are 8:30a.m. – 4:30p.m. and currently does assessment in house on Wednesdays by appointment and assessment in schools on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The requirements for assessment are:

  • The Child should be between the age 4-16 years of age

  • The Child should be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian

  • A copy of the Child's birth certificate

  • A copy of the Child's immunization records

  • A copy of a school/medical report

  • 2 passport size pictures (does not have to be certified)

  • Personal Data forms will be provided by the Centre to be completed by Parent/Guardian/School

The Centre can be reached via telephone at 876-962-2662/0701 or 876-499-7468 and is located at 40 Manchester Road, Mandeville



                              Ms. Keva Reid

                              Clinical Psychologist


                              Dr. Stephanie Christopher-Wynter

                              Educational Psychologist



                              Mrs. Sharlene Sutton






                              Mrs. Teemars Spencer-Aitken

                              Special Education Teacher



                              Mrs. Natalya Livermore-Gooden

                              Registered Nurse



                              Miss Joan Clarke

                              Administrative Assistant





                              Mrs. Lillieth Gordon

                              Office Attendant  




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