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About UsAA

About Us


The Church Teachers’ College Library serves as a gateway to global information, enabling direct and remote access to resources in a variety of formats. The library serves as a dynamic hub to make available a comprehensive collection of scholarly materials and provide library services appropriate to the highest professional standards globally 


The library’s mission is to make available a comprehensive collection of scholarly materials and provide library services congruent with the College’s instructional and research requirements. 


To provide resources and services that will meet the needs of individuals and the academic community for education and personal development  


Our Collection

The library’s collection is arranged and catalogued using the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme (DDC). 000- 900. This includes Journals, Magazines, Books, Newspaper articles, brochures and pamphlets. The collection is divided into the following sub-divisions  

Reference Books (R)- Reference sources include dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, and handbooks. These resources can only be consulted in the library and are not available for loan.  


General Collection:(GC) ` The materials in the general collection are located close to the circulation area. A total of two (2) materials can be borrowed from this section for 2 weeks maximum.  


 Reserved Book Collection (RBC): These materials are heavily utilized for curriculum support by both faculty members and students and as such these materials may be loaned for 3 hours or more.  

 West Indies Collection (WIC): This includes Books, thesis, and other materials, these materials can only be consulted in the library.  


Post-Graduate Collection (PGC): The materials located in the post-graduate collection catered to the need of students pursuing Post Graduate degrees at the institution.   

Museum: The college museum houses materials pertaining to the college and its history. These include audio-visual materials, photographs, maps, etc.   


*Please note that all students are required to present a valid College ID card upon borrowing a book from the library  

  • All users of the library must present a valid College ID & be properly attired when using the library   

  • Please leave all bags, laptop bags, briefcases, etc. on the bag shelf at the entrance 

  • Remove all valuable items from your bag(s) before leaving them at the baggage area  

  • Absolutely no Food and drink allowed in the library 

  • Avoid defacing, marking, or damaging library property. 

  • Do not remove Library material without authorization 

  • Loud talking, boisterous and disruptive behavior is prohibited. 

  • Keep cellular phones silent while in the library and refrain from loud phone conversations. 

  • Do not replace books on shelves. 

  • Sharing of passwords is strictly prohibited  

  • The library shall not be responsible or liable for lost, stolen, or damaged private materials or equipment.  

Rules and Regulations of the library 


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