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Mr. Tillack Hardeen

Head Of Department

Lecturer of Biology

The Department of Science and Mathematics at Church Teachers’ College remains cognizant and resolute to assist in the call for greater inputs and products in the areas of science and mathematics as an avenue to alleviate the ever increasing global problems confronting us daily. As we turn our attention to search for knowledge and solutions, we are clear that there is a need to invest more and depend more on our human capital for in them reside the greatest hope of success for our nation.


The department’s vision is to remain a beacon that facilitates the total development of quality science and mathematics personnel for Jamaica and the rest of the region.  The department embraces the mission to train teachers pursuing science and mathematics through the engagement of our clients with active and positive participation, and critical thinking episodes for them to attain the highest academic standard. Our mandate is to be engaged in the development of teachers who are equipped with the appropriate attitude to serve, and a repertoire of science and mathematical skills and knowledge to teach that will impact positively on the entire Jamaican population and the rest of the world.

Build your own dream, or someone else will hire you to build theirs - Farrah Gray


In the college’s fiftieth year of existence, the department provides opportunity for prospective students to pursue academic study leading to the attainment of a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree in the sciences and mathematics.   The Bachelor Programme in science offers a Major in Science with specialization in either Biology, Chemistry or Physics; and a Minor in Science with a Major in another subject area.  The specialized areas in mathematics for the B.Ed. include the pursuing of a Double Major in mathematics, a Major in mathematics, or a Minor in mathematics with a Major in another subject area.

The Department in collaboration with the Ministry of Education through The Mathematics Teacher Education Committee provides for student- teachers entering at the tertiary level a mathematics diagnostics test with the opportunity for students to access and be engaged in an appropriate intervention programme.

The Department continues to promote a culture of the research and provide an opportunity for our students to be actively involved in this venture. Our students are also provided with useful experiences through both the Mathematics Club and the amalgamated Science and Environmental Club which seek to bring science and mathematics alive for the holistic development of the students. Additionally our students are exposed through the department outreach programmes to serve the wider community and in particular High schools within the region. In our trust to preserve and protect the environment, our Mathematics Resource and Recycle Centre continues to provide an opportunity to our students and other institutions to utilize waste resources in the creation of instructional aids and manipulative for effective teaching.

Staff and Faculty Members:

A. Omoregie  - School of Humanities.jpg

Mrs. Adesuwa Omoregie

Senior Lecturer



Mrs. Shimi Alex-Renjith



Mr O. Platt - School of Natural Sciences

Mr. Oneil Platt



Mr  P. Arthurs - School of Natural Scien

Mr. Percival Arthurs

Senior Lecturer (Acting)



Mr. Flavian Simmonds




Mr. Renjith Antony      Lecturer                    Mathematics

K. Smith - School of Natural Sciences.jpg

Mr. Kadmiel Smith




Mr. Davin Stewart

Laboratory Technician



Mrs. Marline Lawrence-Brown




Mathematics Double Major


Science Double Major

Major                                        Minor

Mathematics                               Science

Mathematics                               Business

Mathematics                               Computer

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