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NOTICE - Please read the information below before requesting a transcript.

  • Official transcripts are issued only to Institutions/Organizations. The name and mailing address of the Institution/Organization must be included on the request form.

  • A request will not be processed if a student has not been given financial clearance by Accounts. Contact the department at (876) 962-0701 for any queries regarding clearance.

  • Transcripts will be processed only when proof of payment is submitted with the completed request form. Please see fees below.


  • Church Teachers College will not be held liable for errors due to inaccurate, incomplete or illegible information entered on the request form.

  • The Express option is not applicable to FIRST TIME applicants or for student copies. Transcripts for Diplomas awarded before June 2011 are not eligible for the express option. Any requests that do not fit the criteria required for the Express service will be automatically reverted to the regular service.​​

Processing Fees

Local Transcript:

  • Regular (15 Days Processing Time): $600.00

  • Express (5 Days Days Processing Time):  $800.00


  • Regular (Processing Time - Three Weeks): $900.00

  • Express (Processing Time - One Week):  $1,200.00

The processing fee is payable at National Commercial Bank (Mandeville branch) or online with the following information:

Church Teachers' College: Mandeville Fees Account

Acccount number: 501344796

Wire Transfer Information

National Commercial Bank

9 Perth Road



Account number: 501344796


The fee can also be paid at the Church Teachers' College: Mandeville Accounts department by cash, debit or credit card. 

Kindly email proof of payment and completed transcript/status letter form to

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