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The Joint Board in Teacher Education/ Teachers’ Colleges of Jamaica Diploma in Education


The Diploma in Education Programme is designed for prospective candidates who have an undergraduate degree in a subject that is offered in secondary schools in Jamaica and are desirous of acquiring the pedagogical skills required to be upgraded to a Trained Graduate teacher.


1.   To develop the theoretical and practical knowledge about the teaching profession,

2.   To acquire knowledge, skills, values and positive attitudes towards the teaching profession

3.   To develop in the teacher the ability to communicate effectively.

4.   To prepare a teacher who can provide suitable learning opportunities and maximize

      students’ potential through a variety of creative learning experiences and critical thinking  


The normal duration of the programme is one year and one semester on a part time basis. The Diploma in Education is awarded based on the completion of a total of thirty-six (36) credits to include, Professional, General and Specialization courses.

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