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Dr. Jean Chen-Wellington 

Head Of Department 

Principal Lecturer

Welcome to the Department of Languages and Literatures at Church Teachers’ College: Mandeville!  We appreciate the time you have taken to visit our page. If you are a potential student, please enroll; and if you are a past student, a friend of the college or a visitor, warmest welcome.


Our Ethos:

As a department we seek to foster an atmosphere of unity, reciprocal influence and respect, where initiatives can thrive and the passion for teaching and learning and effective communication becomes the culture.

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Staff and Faculty members:

We encourage an open and caring relationship among students themselves and among lecturers and students alike. At the end of their training, the department’s students must be of the highest caliber – rounded in content and methodology and equipped with life skills. We believe they must demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of language as a tool of empowerment – in self and others, recognize the value of education and the critical role its stakeholders play. Ultimately, they should conform to the highest ethical and professional code of conduct.

In addition, the members of this Department share a collegiate intellectual and social relationship and have won departmental and individual awards.  We share best practices, have professional discussions, regular professional development seminars/workshops in a bid to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge of our practice – all in a bid to give our best to those we serve – our students and the community. We believe very strongly in community participation and service and as such we have, and continue to, initiate and participate in several community related projects.


Our offering includes double major in English, Spanish major and a minor in English.  Within these specializations our lecturers teach literacy, English and Spanish literature, linguistics, drama, writing as well as general education courses to the larger college population.

Department Members:

Our members are among the trendsetters with the highest standards of pedagogical and professional leadership, with a wide range of specializations.



                              Mrs. Thashaii Mushette-Dixon



                              Mr. Zenen Jimenez Clark

                              Lecturer (Acting)



                              Mrs. Ardene Reid-Virtue

                              Senior Lecturer 





                              Mrs. Sherika Powell-Easy 




                              Ms. Stacy-Ann Gunter




                              Mrs. Keisha Smith-Davis

                              Senior Lecturer 





                              Ms. Monique Castle


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Zenen Jimenez Clark.png
Mrs A. Reid Virtue - School of Languages
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