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Students have access to self-serve printing and copying services.  Made possible with the print management software PaperCut MF, students will be able to print assignments and a wide range of documents directly from any of the networked computers located in the Library, Computer Lab 2, and Computer Lab 3. Copying is also available.


How It Works

When a student registers, a print account associated with the student’s ID number is generated. This account is activated and managed using the PaperCut MF software. Students must activate their print account by signing into PaperCut via this link located on the CTC Website. The required credentials are the student’s ID number and the associated password (usually the same credentials used to sign into the CTC WiFi or lab computer). After activation, multifunction printers located in the Computer Lab and the Library become available for use.

While logged into PaperCut, students will be able to monitor and maintain print account balances, transfer funds to other users, view transaction history, request refunds, and view job logs among other functions. 

Topping Up Your Print Account

Students are required to have funds available in their PaperCut accounts before any print or copy process can be completed.


To add funds to your PaperCut account:

1. Make a deposit at the Accounts Department ($100 JM minimum)

2. Take your receipt to the main IT office to have your account updated with your deposit.

The addition of funds to your PaperCut account must take place during the following office hours:

Mondays – Thursdays - 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Fridays                    -  8:00 AM – 3:30 PM


Printing Rates

The cost of prints and copies are deducted from the funds available in the student’s PaperCut account. The rates are as follows:

The Printing Procedure

Access to printing services is only available to students who have successfully logged into a network computer with their ID number and password. Once the required document is ready for printing, the user must select the printer to which the document will be sent:

  • Students who wish to collect printouts at the Computer Lab should select the Computer_Lab-StudentPrntr device.


  • Students who wish to collect printouts at the Library should select the Library-StudentPrntr device. [Note:   Jobs sent to these printers are queued until released by the user (refer to Secure Print Release below).   The copy function is currently only available at the print station in the Library].

Selecting a colour option determines whether the document produced will be in colour or black & white. This step will also determine the cost and the amount that will be deducted from the account balance. The balance on your account will be indicated in the balance bar, located on the desktop on initial logon.



Copy Services

The copy service is available at the student printer located in the Library (this feature will be implemented in the Computer Lab in the near future). Simply follow the instructions that are displayed at the device or below.

Copy Rates

The copy rates are the same as those detailed for printing.

Copy Procedure

•    Wake the printer by gently tapping the touch panel.    


•    Tap OK, enter your ID number and password then tap OK again.


•    Select MFC features from the menu (your PaperCut account balance is displayed). Tap OK.

•    Select the Copy function from the menu.



•    IMPORTANT - Ensure that staples, if any, are removed.


•    Place the loose pages in the top automatic document feeder tray, printed side facing upwards. Enter the desired settings (e.g. number        of copies and whether copies will be two-sided).


•    Select Black Start for black and white, or Color Start for colour copies (standard charges apply).


•    Collect your copies.


•    Open the top lid of the printer and place the item to be copied on the scanner glass.

•    Select Black Start for black and white, or Color Start for colour copies (standard charges apply).

•    Collect your copies.

After completing the copy process:

•    Press the Back button           to go back to the Home screen.  


•    Tap on the user icon (highlighted in red below) and select Yes to log out (Note: the device automatically logs the user out after 120 seconds of no activity).

 - For single pages

- For books, photos and graphics

Secure Print Release

How To Release Your Documents

In a standard network printing environment, when a user prints from an application, the job is sent directly to the printer and starts printing immediately. In high traffic student environments like the Computer Lab and Library, the IT Unit believes it is advantageous to place print jobs in a holding state prior to printing. This ensures:

  • Secure printing—Jobs are only printed when the user arrives at the print area and confirms his or her identity. This guarantees that the user is there to collect the job and other users cannot “accidentally” collect the document.

  • Saving paper and tonerA large source of wasted paper is from documents that were never collected from the printer. Some of these uncollected documents are caused by accidental printing, and others were just forgotten. The majority of these documents end up in the trash. If the document is not printed until a user walks to the printer to collect it, then this source of waste can be mostly eliminated.

  • Authentication—Users must authenticate prior to releasing their jobs allowing PaperCut MF to confirm their identity.


Secure print release is currently being enforced at the student print stations in the Computer Lab and Library. This means that all documents sent to the Computer_Lab-StudentPrntr and Library-StudentPrntr will require the steps outlined below in order to be printed.

•    Use your phone/mobile device to scan the QR code that is located above the printer (installation of a QR code scanner app is                  required). Alternatively, depending on where your job was sent, you can tap on either of the links presented here:

      Computer Lab | Library

•    Open the URL that appears after scanning the QR code.


•    Enter your ID number and password then tap the Log in button.


•    The documents sent to print by your account ID are displayed.  


•    Select the documents you wish to print and tap the Release button, or Cancel to abort the print operation.


•    Collect your documents from the printer tray.

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