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Teachers’ Coping Mechanisms for Instructing Students with Special Needs in the Online Classroom

12:45 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

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Dr. Joan Reid

Dr. Joan Reid studied Special Education at Mico College and the University of the West Indies and further studied at the Nova Southeastern University where she received a Doctor of Education, Master of Science and recYellow  Belt Lean Six Sigma Excellence. She is currently the Head of the Special Education Department at the Mico University College.  

Continued professional development is her hallmark as she believes “there is always a better way… you just need to find it”. This has led to her participation in numerous workshops and certificate courses including: Advanced Educational Management (Mount St. Vincent University), Technology Integration in the Education System (E-l-Jam), Behavior Management, Best Practices in Teaching Reading (Reading Solutions), as well as Improving Quality in Education Systems and Leading with a Purpose, at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Dr. Joan Reid is passionate about Special Education and the teaching and learning process. 
Paper: The paper will be a combination of various special education teachers’ coping strategies in meeting students’ special needs in the virtual classroom setting.


The history of special education is well documented, providing technical guidelines for teachers to advance the cause of education. Of note is that the skills and techniques needed for educating children with special needs are wide ranging in scope, requiring in-depth understanding of students with special needs. Meeting these needs in today’s classroom can be challenging for teachers and must be given close attention. An even greater challenge is being faced with the current Covid-19 pandemic which has seen a new paradigm in online learning. While some students with special needs have very high interest in the virtual classroom settings, others are highly challenged. Teachers must therefore embrace the realities of the changing classroom settings, shift their approach, and adapt to the new situations while finding coping strategies to help students with special needs leverage this new situation.

Moderated by:

Mrs. Shimi Alex-Renjith

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