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Campus Life



Housing accommodation is available to all students enrolled full-time in any programme at the college.  The Halls of residence are supervised by Hall Wardens and Student Hall Representatives to ensure smooth operations.

Student Amenities

Food Services


Cafeteria providing Breakfast and lunch are provided at the Cafeteria, and snacks may be purchased at the Tuck Shop

Wireless Internet Connection


Wireless Internet is available for all students on campus

Campus Security


The campus is protected by 24 hour security service, provided to ensure the protection of all students.

Sports Facilities


The campus is equipped with amenities such as a swimming pool, a netball/tennis/basketball court, a fully equipped gymnasium, football field and cricket pitch.

Sports Teams/Clubs and Society


Students of Church Teachers’ College participate in various sporting activities on the campus.  Sporting teams include football (male and female), cricket team (male and female), basketball, netball, badminton, track and field events teams.  House teams, made up of students and staff of the college also participate annually in intramural sporting activities which all culminate on sports day.

Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies active at the college include:

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