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The Peer Educators of Church Teachers’ College: Mandeville have certainly been visible in making our mark in the lives of both the college family and the wider society. For the academic year 2013/2014 we were engaged in several projects.

These included:

  • A Clean-up Day where we cleaned the College’s Lecture Theatre;

  • The development of the “Give it with a Willing Heart” initiative in aid of providing necessities for the Manchester Infirmary and financial contribution to Bethlehem Home in Downtown Kingston.

Twelve Peer Educators were certified in an official Passing Out and Display Ceremony held in the College’s Display Room. All presenters were asked to share in the Moment.

For the period 2014/2015 we focused on strengthening our presence in the College. Working in tandem with the college’s 50th Anniversary theme: Church Teachers’ College, Celebrating 50 years 'Re-positioning for the future’, we were again involved in several projects.

These included:


  • We partnered with the Students’ Development Officer and lecturers to re-establish the College’s Mentor-ship Programme which provide academic assistance to fellow college mates in their various areas of specialization.

  • We also participated in the College’s Annual Cricket Festival. Under the guidance of the college’s Guidance Counsellor Miss. Tamaci Davis, we continued to offer excellent training sessions for prospective Peer Educators. These sessions were remarkable as they were geared at improving the social, emotional and professional competence of trainees who would later be certified as Peer Educators. Some of the areas covered included: Effective Communication Skills, Drug Awareness, Personal Growth and Development, Stress Management, Coping Skills, Dealing with Grief, Professionalism on Campus, Dating and Courtship, Sex and the Family, Laughter in Counselling, Taking Care of your Mental Health, Conflict Resolution and Social Graces.

For the future, our aim is to continue to let our presence of kindness, love, understanding and confidentiality be felt through the development of more programmes geared towards the holistic development of the college population.



Church Teachers’ College is an outstanding institution which is firmly committed to providing you with superb academic experiences. Our objective to mold students into well-rounded professionals is achieved in an atmosphere that encourages intellectual curiosity and character building. We are passionate about assisting you to attain your career goals; hence, we provide the essential resources, establish support systems and prepare you to function in a dynamic global environment. So, come and join the Church Teachers' College family where we "nurture through love and wisdom."




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